Lisa Ann (Starring in Eminem video)

Adult movie actress Lisa Ann is starring as Sarah Palin in Eminem's most recent and new video "We Made You". Another mocking video that makes fun of various celebrities. Just like Eminem used to do in the past the track is supported by a beat from Dr.Dre. The known drum and bass formula Dr.Dre is known to use in the past does it again. It makes the track a catchy song and more importantly it makes Dr.Dre look at the top of his game again. With a lot of critics for not putting his album Detox out already he sure proofs he is still if not the best, one of the best producers of the world.

For the people who were wondering who the female singer was in the video. Stop wondering already cause here is the answer. The female singer is Dina Rae and not Jessica Simpson obviously. Dina Rae is blessed with a nice voice and she is a less known female singer but had the chance to work with Eminem before. In the picture below it's her on the right.
Lisa Ann

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